Candycode career đź’Ľ


# Things you should know

This is not zero-sum work. Our product enables entrepreneurship to create new value for the world and unlocks unlimited personal growth for the people who build it.

We all get shit done, work fast, and learn. We operate on low process and high trust, and trade on impact. You have to care deeply about what you’re doing, and commit to continuously developing your craft, to keep pace here. That means Candycode is not the right place for everyone.

If you prefer a prescriptive corporate structure and an in-person office environment, that’s not us. If you’re seeking hypergrowth, can solve complex problems, and can thrive on change (and a bit of chaos), you’ve found the right place. It’s time to find your role.

Everyone here wants to be the world’s best at what they do. Some people who join us are already the world’s best at something: , chess grandmaster, Michelin-star chef. If this is you, hit VIP access at the top to convert your skills into high-performance Candycode roles.