Advance CRM

Customer Relationship Management Streamlined

Easily track & follow up queries with leads, subscribers & clients. Build long-lasting relations with this feature-rich open source  CRM


  • This Open Source CRM is powered by a simple, smart & meaningful interface that gives customer relationship management a whole new feel!

Manage Users
with Life State

  • Prioritize users using life stages & compartmentalize your service. Respond to contacts according to importance and urgency for greater efficiency.

Note that
Important Stuff

  • Add reminders, information, comments, messages and a lot more in user’s profile. They’re like quick alarms, milestones of your progress & clues which will lead you to valuable insights.

Built-in Mail

  • Make your correspondence directly from the user’s profile through the integrated mailing system. Don’t have to change screens anymore to conversate with your leads & clients.

Log Different

  • Record calls, meetings, emails and SMS that have already taken place to keep track. Include the dates and times, and assign to agents who were involved in it.

Schedule a Meeting
or a Call

  • Keep your team prepared for sealing the deal. Schedule meetings between your customers & representatives. Notify with follow ups with calls or emails.

Assign Tasks to

  • Quickly assign tasks to any of your CRM agents from within a user’s profile. Stylize the text as you like to highlight important parts. Set time & dates as deadline.

Advanced Contact

  • Pin point the customer(s) you are looking for. Use search segments to create numerous parameters & And/Or conditions. Filter also only using life stages.

Filter with Saved

  • Provide speedy support by using saved search segments. Once you create a complicated filter, you can bring the same results without building it all over again.

Manage Your B2B Users Too!

  • Handle your business clients, partners & others as efficiently as you do your contacts. Make company profiles & handle multiple representatives.

Personalize the way you Communicate

  • Record & observe all interactions: from creating a contact to the development phases, to notes & schedules. Great way to check clients’ service history & handle future clients better.

Easy Reports for your analysis

  • With CRM reports, view activity, customer & growth report of your customers and business clients. Use filters to put your information in context & get a better understanding.

Contact Groups for easy categorization

  • When you have contacts from different companies having similar interests, or customers of the same product from different regions, clump them all in a group to serve accordingly.

See Everything In A More Streamline

  • Never get lost when dealing with multiple customers. See your deal progress, activity progress that you set, most recent won deals and more.

Find Out Easily Which Stage Your Deal Is On

  • Every deals is can be categorized in stages which completely customizable. Set the stages and start calculating which deal is on which stage.

Get A General Overview Of Your Deal Progress Using Pipeline

  • You will be able to see all your deals separated by stages in pipeline manner. Filter them by open, closed, lost, trashed deals or even by the owner

Manage What To Do From The Activity Menu

  • No need to rely on other to do list managers. Get the advantage of a built-in activity tracker that lets you set tasks. Assign tasks, time, category and more

Create Directories For Easy Access

  • Simply share your files using a simple URL directory. No need to need to rely on some else to send something that is confidential for you company.

Trigger modules

  • With trigger modules option, create actions based on different modules and set conditions. You will be able to specify accompanied by two extra modules!

Events based on different modules

  • Loads of events for different modules have really made the purpose of making a workflow multifaceted!

Set events for CRM module!

  • You can set events like when a contact subscribes, unsubscribes or is created and deleted. Set events like when a note or task is created or a meeting is scheduled.

Set events for HRM module!

  • With the predetermined HRM events like created or deleted employee, published announcement, confirmed leave request etc. creating workflow will feel like buttery smooth.

Set events for Accounting module!

  • Events like creating or deleting customers, adding sales and purchase will seem much easier and you can create workflows with full steam ahead.

Useful actions

  • We didn’t compromise on adding relevant and useful actions such as: sending mail, assigning tasks, adding activity, scheduling meeting and so on.

Create actions based on conditions!

  • Not only you can create actions that matters to your team but you can set them based on your preferred conditions right after an event is triggered.

Intuitive interface!

  • Make your meeting schedules, email and many more triggered actions dynamic with the intuitive and responsive interface and boost your productivity.

Control & Manage from a single page!

  • Keep all your hassles at bay. Control the status of the workflows easily. Save your time and manage everything from a single page propelling you to become more efficient.

Extra modules!

  • As a bonus, for automating any inbound email use the IMAP module and for any created user, use the general module.