Make Location Specific Search Feature Available For Your Customers

Want to let your customers search for a product they are looking for by location? Well, you are in luck! With the Geolocation module enabled, your customers can achieve that with ease.

Let Customers Search
for a product in a
specific area

Enabling this module will allow customers to search for a specific product from a specified location from the single product page.

Ability To Choose The
Radius Of The

Give more freedom to your Vendor’s customers by letting them set the radius they want to search for products in.

Different Metrics
For All Parts Of
The World

To make Dokan truly global, the Geolocation module supports both the US customary and SI metric systems.

Features Available For
The Admin

The customization features enable the Vendors to choose their location on the map, set the min-max area for search, hide/show filtering options and more.