Online Bus Ticket Booking & Seat Reservation | With Android Apps

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Feature include
Website Number of pages –
✅  Upto 20 responsive pages ( Mobile Friendly)
✅  50 Business Email ID (Ex
Security –
✅  Ask user to use strong password
✅  Stop bot to register or comments
✅  5 times wrong password will block account for 24Hrs
✅  Buyer can send request to Unblock
✅  admin can see all the blocked user and can unblock if required
✅  Login failed user IP address can be track by admin
✅  add google reCapcha or math captcha to Login or register
✅  System can identify and block robot registration or any activity
✅  Automatic Backup
✅  user can be ban by specific IP address or use a wild card to Specify IP range
✅  Block brute Force Login by tracking via special cookies system
✅  6 Level firewall protection system
✅  Live Antivirus Scan
✅  Ability to disable constant for your competitor to prevent from copy rights
✅  Prevent other site from displaying your content via iFrame Technology
✅  And much more …
Ticket booking –

✅ Intermediate bus route booking works with different Price

✅ Return Booking also possible

✅ Can Add Unlimited Bus

✅ Can add unlimited category

✅ Unlimited Boarding Point

✅ Unlimited Dropping Point

✅ Unlimited Pricing

✅ passenger can find bus by entering boarding Location

✅ Passenger can download ticket online

✅ Passenger can browse bus by name

✅ Passenger can also download ticket in PDF

✅ Passenger will get his ticket to Email in PDF

✅ Passenger can Browse all available bus

✅ Passenger can choose seats as his choice

✅ Passenger can manage or cancel his ticket from account page

✅ And Much More……


✅ Passenger can book by his wallets

✅ Passenger can be send to user wallet

✅ Passenger can add wallet balance

✅ Passenger can get there wallet statement

✅  Passenger can access any user wallet detail

✅  Passenger can transfer balance to their friend

✅ Passenger can top up their wallet

✅  Wallet report

✅  And much more …


✅ Cash on delivery

✅ Net banking

✅ Debit card

✅ Credit card

✅ All types of wallet

✅ Paytm, phone pay,etc


✅ And much more …

Contacts and Communication

✅  Live chats available for Passenger

✅  Direct whatsapp message button

✅  Touch to call button

✅  And much more …


✅   fix discount

✅  Discount by percentage

✅  Coupon expiry date

✅  Coupon applicable on minimum booking

✅  Coupon applicable on maximum booking

✅  Set maximum or minimum discount by coupon

✅  Coupon applicable by Bus

✅  Coupon applicable by Passenger

✅ Coupon applicable by payment method

✅  coupon uses limit

✅  Coupon uses per user

✅  Email coupon to Passenger

✅  And much more …

SMS Alert

✅  Sms send by your company name(ex- BT-NEXBUS)

✅ Sms send for new Booking

✅ Sms send when Booking cancel

✅ Sms send when booking fail

✅ Sms send when new user register .

✅ And much more …


✅  Push notification

✅  Send notification if Passenger do not book service after click BOOK NOW button

✅  And much more …

Customer Profile

✅  Passenger  can save their address

✅  Passenger  can manage their Booking

✅  Passenger can cancelled Booking

✅  Passenger  can Download Ticket

✅  Passenger  can set their profile photo

✅ And much more …





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