Website Number of pages –

✔️ Upto 20 responsive pages ( Mobile Friendly)
✔️ 50 Business Email ID (Ex

Security –

✔️ Ask user to use strong password
✔️ Stop bot to register or comments
✔️ 5 times wrong password will block account for 24Hrs
✔️ Buyer can send request to Unblock
✔️ admin can see all the blocked user and can unblock if required
✔️ Login failed user IP address can be track by admin
✔️ add google reCapcha or math captcha to Login or register
✔️ System can identify and block robot registration or any activity
✔️ Automatic Backup
✔️ user can be ban by specific IP address or use a wild card to Specify IP range
✔️ Block brute Force Login by tracking via special cookies system
✔️ 6 Level firewall protection system
✔️ Live Antivirus Scan
✔️ Ability to disable constant for your competitor to prevent from copy rights
✔️ Prevent other site from displaying your content via iFrame Technology
✔️ And much more …

Add Product

✔️ Admin can add unlimited product

✔️ Product add with categories

✔️ Manage stock

✔️ Auto alert when stock decreases

✔️ Can add variables product also

✔️ Purchase minimum order quantity can be set

✔️ Purchase maximum order quantity can be set

✔️ Order discount by quantity purchase

✔️ Can add product with image and video also

✔️ And much more …


✔️  Can add unlimited product category

✔️ Category banner

✔️  Multiples category select options

✔️ And much more …


✔️  Buyers can purchase buy wallets

✔️ Refund can be send to user wallet

✔️ Admin can add wallet balance

✔️ User can get there wallet statement

✔️  Admin can access any user wallet detail

✔️  Customer can transfer balance to their friend

✔️ Customer can top up their wallet

✔️  Wallet report

✔️ And much more …


✔️ Cash oin delivery

✔️ Net banking

✔️ Debit card

✔️ credit card

✔️ All types of wallet

✔️ Paytm,phone pay,etc

✔️ EMI

✔️ And much more …

Products Search

✔️ Search products by lowest price

✔️ Search products by highest price

✔️ Search by relevant product

✔️ Filter product by colour

✔️ Filter product by size

✔️ Filter product by weight

✔️ Filter product by brand

✔️ Filter product by discount

✔️ Filter product by pin code

✔️ Life search products

✔️ And much more …

Contacts and Communication

✔️  Life chats available for customer

✔️ Direct whatsapp message button

✔️ Touch to call button

✔️ And much more …


✔️  fix discount

✔️  Discount by percentage

✔️  Coupon for free shipping

✔️ Coupon expiry date

✔️  Coupon applicable on minimum purchase

✔️ Coupon applicable on maximum purchase

✔️ Set maximum or minimum discount by coupon

✔️  Coupon applicable by product

✔️ Coupon applicable by category

✔️ Coupon applicable by users

✔️ Coupon applicable by payment method

✔️ coupon uses limit

✔️ Coupon uses per user

✔️ Email coupon to users

✔️ And much more …

SMS Alert

✔️ Sms send by your company name(ex- BT-MYSHOP)

✔️ Sms send when new order place

✔️ Sms send when orders ship

✔️  Sms send when order deliver

✔️ Sms send when order cancel

✔️ Sms send when order fail

✔️ Sms send when new user register .

✔️ And much more …


✔️ Sales report by date

✔️ Sales report by product

✔️ Sales report by category

✔️ Sales report by coupon used

✔️ Sales report by customer vs guest

✔️ Customer visit report

✔️  Low stock report

✔️  Out of report

✔️ And many more


✔️  Shipping post by quantity

✔️ Shipping post by user

✔️  Shipping post by pin code

✔️ Shipping post by category

✔️ Shipping post by weight

✔️ Shipping post by state

✔️ And much more …

Customer Profile

✔️ Customer can save their address

✔️ Customer can manage their order

✔️ Customer can cancelled order

✔️ Customer can track order

✔️ Customer can set their profile photo

✔️ And much more …


✔️  Push notification

✔️  Send notification if user do not purchase product out service after click buy now button

✔️ And much more …

  • Every logged in user can bid on auction enabled products.
  • Logged in user can bid and see her max bid amount.
  • This  auction  allow user to bid higher price from current max bid price.
  • This simple auction plugin has option to display all bids on the single product page in descending order.
  • Advance features of this auction plugin allow user to set automatic incremental bid. Once admin allow user to bid automatically.
  • User can set increment, min and max price for the bid.
  • Once max bid price exceed then user will be notified via email.
  • auction will notify to winner once auction time is complete.
  • auction provide an option to admin to lock the product for the winner for a particular period of time. So only winner can purchase the product in that time period. If this option is disabled then anybody can purchase that product.
  • auction has option to set reserve price for the product. If last bid amount of auction is below the reserve price no one will won the auction.
  • auction has option to set start price of auction product.
  • Auction has also option to set start time and end time of auction.
  • Buyer can see their all auction bid list in dashboard area.
  • On the single product page buyers will see countdown timer showing them exactly how much time remains before the auction over.
  • Guests and Registered users carts capturing
  • All email campaigns history for every abandoned cart (sent, open, click, unsubscribe)
  • Abandoned cart condition which can be combined with other conditions
  • Any logic of marketing interactions with customer (SMS, Email, Popups, Banners)
  • Wide range of products filtering conditions
  • Wide range of customer conditions
  • Wide range of customer purchases history conditions
  • Possibility for AND/OR/NOT conditions combinations (logical expressions)
    • Refund

The merchants can make the settings to allow customers to submit a refund request. Once the refund request is accepted then the merchants can proceed the refund procedure. The buyers can send multiple refund requests within the allowed days even if any request is already processed. It means the user can send a refund request for an ordered product multiple times even if any of the previous refund request is processed.

    • Exchange

The customer can submit an exchange request on multiple products or for an order product, and a new order is generated for the exchanged product. If the exchange amount exceeds the new product amount then default payment method is used for the payment of the extra amount. The user can send multiple exchange requests up to the available days and if any request is already processed. It means the user can send an exchange request for an ordered product multiple times, even if any of the previous return request is processed.

    • Add Custom Status To Mark Your Progressing Refund and Exchange Process

Refund or exchange is achieved in multiple steps. The refund and exchange allow merchants to set the custom status for each step. Some common status includes — refund-requested, refund-approved, refund-canceled, exchange-requested, exchange-approved, exchange-canceled, etc.

When a buyer requests a refund on a product then order status becomes “Refund Requested”. And, when the refund request is approved then order status changes to “refund approved” or when the refund request is canceled then order status becomes “refund canceled”. Similarly, other status can be set accordingly by the merchants as per their convenience.

    • Availability

Refund and exchange feature is available up to a certain number of days when the order is completed. When the order status is completed then the user is able to send a refund and exchange request. If anyone of the requests is in the process then another request can’t be sent. It means both refund and exchange requests for an order are not placed simultaneously for an order.

    • Tax Handling

The merchant can include the tax in the refund amount. If the include tax setting is enabled then the user can refund or exchange products with tax included product price. If a merchant disables “include tax” setting then tax price is not calculated in a refund as well as exchange.

Include tax setting is separate for both refund and exchange process for RMA.

    • Auto Accept Refund Request

If a merchant wants to auto accept the refund request then can enable it from the setting option in the . With auto accept, when the user requests for any product refund, the request is automatically approved and the merchant gets a notification email regarding that refund request, to proceed the refund payment process.

    • Refund/Exchange for Guest User

Return and exchange requests can be submitted by both; guests as well as registered users. There is a page created with name Refund/Exchange Request on extension activation, where the guest user enters their order id and email address and proceeds with refund/exchange request.

    • Handling Fee

The merchant can add handling fees for both refunds as well as exchange request.This fee may be inventory management fee, shipping fee, etc., according to the admin.

    • Minimum Order Amount

Merchant can set the minimum order amount, as a threshold amount. Any order below this amount cannot request for refund and exchange.

    • Sales Items

This feature prevents sale Items from the refund and exchange request. If this feature is enabled then the customer can’t send the refund or exchange request for sale items.

    • Email NotificationThe merchant can also customize user notification email from the backend. Notification include:
      • Refund request sent notification
      • Refund request received notification
      • Refund request approved notification
      • Refund request canceled notification
      • Exchange request sent notification
      • Exchange request received notification
      • Exchange request approved notification
      • Exchange request canceled notification
    • Product Disable

The merchant can disable refund and exchange features on any chosen product. There is an option in the Advanced Setting section on the product edit page to disable refund and exchange for that product.

    • Category Disable

The merchant can remove the option of refund and exchange request from any specific product category by disabling it in the backend setting.

    • Multiple Request Handling

The merchant can enable/disable multiple refunds or exchange requests for an order. If a merchant disables Multiple Request handling then either refund or exchange request is processed for an order at a time.

    • Manage Stock

The merchant can manage the stock of the returned or exchanged product when a request is completed. If the setting is enabled then an exchanged or refunded product is added to product stock

    • Custom CSS

The merchant can add custom CSS to modify the refund and exchange request form if required.

    • Customer Wallet

The merchant can enable this feature to send the refund amount into the customer wallet, instead to refund the amount with other gateways.

    • Wallet Payment

Add the customer’s wallet as a payment gateway to make payment for any purchases.

    • Manage Customer Wallet

Manage the customer wallet from the customer edit page.

    • Shortcode for Customer Wallet

Add a shortcode to display the Customer Wallet on any desired page.

    • Cancel Order

Merchants can add cancel order features to their store. Using this feature of the , customers can cancel the ordered products which they no longer need.

    • Catalog Settings

Catalog settings allow merchants to group products based on timely requirements such as during festive days, merchants can set catalog of products for festivals and frame a common refund and exchange policy for that.

    • Send Return Ship Label

With this setting enabled, merchants can send return ship labels to the customer for return shipping of the product(s). Merchants can also create ship label templates using shortcodes.

    • Refund PolicyMerchant can enable this feature and set their refund policy in two way with this RMA
      • Price based policy
      • Time based policy


    • Enable Exchange Request With Same Product or its Variations

Now buyers can exchange their ordered product with the same product and it’s variations.

    • Custom Email Template for Refund

Now you can also send a well customized email using a custom email template for during refund and exchange

  • Buy at least 10 units get 5% discount
  • Any 3 t-shirts for $9.99 except t-shirts with custom artwork
  • Buy between 2 and 5 units get 10% discount, buy at least 6 get 20% discount
  • With each desktop computer get wireless keyboard with 50% discount
  • 5% lifetime discount after your 10th order, 10% after 50th
  • Extra handling fee of $15 if heavy items are in cart
  • Spend at least $1000 get 15% discount on your order
  • Stay free for 1 night when booking a hotel for 7 nights
  • SPA treatments 20% off when staying 3 nights or more
  • 10% discount for the first order only if other promotions do not apply
  • iPhone case with each iPhone purchased
  • Get $5 cart discount if you purchase anything from category Clothing
  • Everything for $9 until midnight but only if you purchase at least 3 items
  • Each fifth accessory is 30% off
  • This month all music albums 10% off, singles 25% off
  • Processing fee of $10 for international orders
  • 15% discount for repeat orders
  • Users with role Shop manager get 100% discount for testing purposes
  • 5% discount if no other discount is applied
  • Automated rewards program with tiered discounts for loyal customers
  • VIP club members get 25% cart discount on all items
  • Give 10% discount on laptops but only if customer is not VIP club member
  • And almost any other pricing, discount or fee scenario that you

For Multi Vendor or Seller Base 

✔️ Order E-mail/sms notification to seller

✔️ Seller statement report

✔️ Seller can add variables product

✔️ Set limited category for seller

✔️ Set seller social profile

✔️ Seller store contact form

✔️ Feature seller

✔️ Fix seller commission

✔️ Percentage seller commission

✔️ Per product seller commission

✔️ Category wise seller commission

✔️ Seller can give limited time discount

✔️ Seller has its own shipping option

✔️ Seller money withdrawal request system

✔️ Seller automatic withdrawal money system

✔️ Seller announcement system

✔️ Seller refund request

✔️ Seller earning report

✔️ Seller store follow

✔️ Seller live chat

✔️ Seller live search

✔️ Seller product inquiry

✔️ One product multi seller

✔️ Seller subscription

✔️ Seller review

✔️ Seller report

✔️ Seller can create its own coupon

✔️ Seller can manage their order

✔️ Seller get notification for new order

✔️ Seller can add their product

✔️ Seller can manage their stock

✔️ Seller can update order status

✔️ Ticket system for seller

✔️ Seller can manage their review

✔️ Admin report

✔️ Product update

✔️ Seller holiday notification

✔️ Admin can block any seller account

✔️ Admin can restrict seller for specific date

✔️ Seller can see their earning

✔️ And many more…