Verify Vendors using their social-profile, phone or photo ID.

Check the authenticity of vendors via their social profiles, phone, photo and more. Keep your marketplace authentic with genuine sellers and avoid fraudulent activities.

Customers Feel More
Comfortable Buying
From Trusted Vendors

Your customers feel at ease when shopping from your marketplace, as you have made sure that the person they are buying from is authentic.

Build A Simple
Verification Process For
Marketplace Sellers

Vendors will find simple options to verify their authenticity from the frontend dashboard. They can submit the necessary information to the admin with the click of a button.

Give Multiple Options
To Your Vendors For

As an admin, you have the option to let your Vendors verify their authenticity using their social-profiles (Facebook, Twitter, etc). They can even use their Photo IDs.

Verify After
authenticating the
official documents

As an admin, you can see all the submitted documents from your backend dashboard. After verification, simply accept them to finish the process.