Create highly
customized subscription packs and charge
vendors as you like

Charge your vendor’s fixed commission or for creating products. Create detailed subscription packs with this module.

Create customizable subscription packs for
your vendors

Dokan Subscription lets you customize all of your subscription packs. You can have as many as you want and can create, modify or delete them as required.

Control the Number of Products and commission

With each subscription pack, you can set a number of products that the vendor can publish to your shop. You can also specify the commission rate while creating the subscription packs.

Recurring Payment or
Billing Cycle

You can set up the subscription packs so that the payment recurs. You can also set the billing cycle length and the number of repetitions for each cycle.

Only Visible to Vendors

Subscription packs are neatly organized so that it doesn’t show to the visitors of your site. Only your Vendors will be able to see the subscription packs and can purchase them.